About Us

Special Angels Foundation

Every child is special, and their parents dream of a happy, successful, independent, and fulfilled life for their child.  Parents of children with special needs have the same hopes and dreams for their child, yet their future is not as clear.  In the United States, 18.5% of children under the age of 18 are children with special needs.  This is no indication they are not smart, talented, or capable; it means they have specific challenges that other children do not face. 


There are four primary types of disabilities that children encounter.  They are:

            Physical disabilities

            Developmental disabilities

            Behavioral / Emotional disabilities

            Sensory disabilities.



Statistics show that 14% of American children, between the ages of 13 and 17, have a developmental disability.  In its initial stage, Special Angels Foundation will focus on families with children who have developmental disabilities.


Special Angels Foundation was birthed from the belief that early intervention is critical in helping children with developmental disabilities reach their full potential.  It is of vital importance that Special Angels Foundation assist these children in receiving therapies and access to medical and adaptive equipment and tools that will help them succeed.  Every child is special, and every special needs child deserves every opportunity to live their best life; no family  should have to negate their child’s future because of economic or financial lack.


For many families, therapies and medical and adaptive equipment are provided at low or no charge through programs like SSI, Medicaid, or other federally funded programs.  However, there is a growing segment of families with special needs children who are not able to personally fund additional therapies or purchase necessary equipment that is limited by their insurance coverage or income limitations.  Special Angels Foundation asked, “How can we provide support to these families?”  Our intent was not to reinvent the wheel, but instead provide resources and referrals to families raising children with special needs.

Our Vision 

The Special Angels Foundation seeks to empower families who are raising children with special needs to enable their child to thrive and grow towards independence,

Our Mission 

The mission of Special Angels Foundation is to provide support in obtaining therapies, equipment, and resources to families raising children with special needs.