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Eligibility for Individual Grants

Special Angels Foundation may provide available Grants for resources needed based on the applicant meeting the following criteria:

Requires letter of medical necessity from primary pediatric specialist, pediatrician, therapist, social worker or IEP

Child must be under age 18

Child must reside within the United States

Must be a US citizen

Quality of Life must be qualified by our Medical Advisory Board or your licensed physician. An IEP may be considered.

Denial of assistance from other medical resources must be verified by a denial letter

Special Angels Foundation does not provide funding or grants for:

Medical Research

Miscellaneous care items

Items that the Board / Medical Advisory Committee deems not a medical or quality of life item

Non- traditional/ alternative medical services, if in the boards opinion, would not improve the child's quality of life

Approval Cycle

Process for Received Applications:

Applications for grant requests will be forwarded to our Medical Advisory Committee

The committee will have up to 3 months after they receive the application to review, visit applicant if deemed necessary and qualify the application for approval or denial of the grant

The Medical Advisory Committee will bring the recommendations to the next scheduled board meeting of Special Angels Foundation for discussion and final decision

The applicant will be notified of the boards decision within 2 weeks of the board meeting

Awarded grants will be remitted within 2 months of notification. Mobility equipment will be ordered upon the approval of request and be delivered as soon as possible

Grants for therapy will be awarded to the facility providing the therapy

Grant requests for Durable Medical Equipment will be purchased by Special Angels Foundation and distributed to the individual family

Family must sign a release of medical information form

Special Angels Foundation is in HIPAA Compliance with all medical documentation sent to our organization for the purpose of procuring any grant or award

Terms of Agreement for Awarded Individuals

Mobility requests are limited to wheelchairs, ramps, lifts, walkers and any other items the Medical Advisory Committee deems necessary

Grant and mobility equipment must be used in compliance with the purpose stated in the application.

The Grant recipient agrees to assist Special Angels Foundation with promotions by allowing us to:

Use individual(s) and family member(s) names for any / all Southern California publications, press releases, PDA’s, social media, etc​

The use of photography or film of the child(ren) and/or family to whom it provides service for publication in printed material, promotional videos, TV appearances, websites, etc.

Personal appearances by child(ren) and families receiving grant assistance may be requested

 Applicants requesting grants will allow a member of Special Angels Foundation to visit the home for further evaluation if needed

Special Angels Foundation will be in attendance to take pictures during the award presentation or at the time of delivery of mobility equipment when possible

If all terms of this agreement are met, it will be the responsibility of Special Angels Foundation to provide such funding as awarded per the Medical Advisory Committee to an individual as approved by the Board within the time frame agreed upon

If for any reason, Special Angels, Inc. ceased to exist, all terms of the agreement will be null and void. If this occurs, all grants awarded will continue.


Please share this information with your friends, patients and clients who may be able to benefit from this program. Enclosed you will find our medical and therapy grant request form- please feel free to make copies and distribute.


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Special Angels Foundation provides grants up to $2500 for assistive equipment and up to $1500 for therapy to families raising children with special needs so they may purchase specialized equipment, underwrite additional therapies and more.

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