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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

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    1. Question- What is Special Angels Foundation’s mission

  •  Answer- to provide grants to families raising children with special needs

    2. Question- What’s the age range to be eligible for a grant?

  • Answer- Ages 0-18 years old

    3. Question- When was Special Angels Foundation founded?

  • Answer- SAF is a 501 (C) (3) organization that was founded in 2017

    4. Question- What is the mailing address, phone number and email?

  • Answer- 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy # 373 Chino Hills, CA 91709

​                   888-835-3919. specialangelsfoundation@gmail.com

    5. Question- What are the grant amounts?

  • Answer- up to $2500 for assistive equipment and up to $1500 for therapy

    6. Question- How do I apply for a grant?

    7. Question- Which disabilities are eligible for grants?

  • Answer- all disabilities are eligible

   8. Question- Does SAF pay in addition to insurance?

  • Answer- YES

   9. Question- Is there an income qualification clause?

  • Answer- No

   10. Question- How often can you apply for a grant?

  • Answer- once a year on anniversary of last grant

    11. Question- What information is needed to process an application?

  • Answer- Proof of your child’s disability is needed to process your application, i.e., letter from your child’s doctor, IEP

    12. Question-If applying online, can I upload the documents when applying for the grant?

  • Answer- Yes, see the upload link at the bottom of the application page

    13. Question- How can I donate to SAF?

    14. Question- How do I volunteer?

    15. Question- Does SAF provide grants for horse therapy?

  • Answer- Yes, up to $1500

     16. Question- Does SAF help with co-pays?

  • Answer- Yes

      17. Question- Does SAF provide grants for medical supplies?

  • Answer- No

      18. Question- Does SAF provide grants for toys?

  • Answer- No, only assistive equipment

      19. Question- Does SAF have any resources?

  • Answer- Yes, go to

  1. http:// www.specialangelsfoundation.org/resources-1 on our website

      20. Question-Does SAF provide grants to special needs children for summer camps?

  • Answer- Yes, up to 3 grants per camp- with board approval

      21. Question- How often can a grant be requested?

  • Answer- grants can be applied for yearly on the anniversary date of the previous grant

     22. Question- Will the family receive a check from Special Angels Foundation in the amount the grant was approved for?        

  • Answer- No, SAF will either purchase the equipment and ship or we will arrange funding directly with the facility for therapy. The grant is for the benefit of the child.