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Through the Special Angel Foundation website, parents of children with special needs have access to a list of websites on various developmental disabilities, links to referrals of medical practitioners, therapists, respite providers and more. Linking parents to the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions on their child’s behalf is one of Special Angel Foundation's priorities.


THE CENTER- Equestrian Therapy-

Special Needs Network


Loveland Jubilee Pantry ( Food Assistance)


Esparanza Project

American Academy of Pediatrics


Healthy Kids


United Cerebral Palsy

Autism Speaks

California Department of Developmental Services

Spina Bifida Association   

Center For Parent Information and Resources

Inland Regional Center

Down Syndrome Family Resource Center

Rising Stars Equestrian Therapy-

Emergency Dentists USA -

Cerebral Palsy Group-

Cerebral Palsy Guide-

Love Them All -www.

Sokolove law-

New Mouth- 

New Vision-


 JPR Essential-

360 Behavioral Health-

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