The Special Angels Foundation Story

Our Inspiration

We are Crystal and Gary Carpenter the Founders of Special Angels Foundation.   In creating Special Angels Foundation our goal is to help Special Needs children with resources that will enable them to live a productive life. 


We have witnessed first hand the many challenges facing families raising special needs children. Our daughter has two handicapped twin children with multiple disabilities.  They were born 5 years ago premature at 28 weeks. They weighed 2 pounds when they were delivered. As a result, they have the worst form of cerebral palsy.  They cannot sit up nor can they assistant themselves with living an independent life. 

This is very difficult for our daughter because she has been denied financial help from institutions because she does not fall below the poverty line.  Therefore, she cannot qualify for benefits.   Also, she is a working mom at night, and she is totally exhausted caring for the two babies all day.. There is a large segment of the US population that are raising children with special needs, but fall through the cracks for funding as they make too much to qualify for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Med-Al, but do not make enough to pay for the therapies and equipment their special child requires. Insurance coverage is often limited to these families as well.

My daughter doesn’t have the necessary money to buy the proper vehicle to transport her kids back and forth to medical appointments and physical therapy because she cannot afford a van to carry the necessary equipment that is needed for them to be transported. This is just a small snap shot of the challenges many families raising special needs children face on a daily basis.

Our goal is to raise money through donations to help parents that are raising Special Needs children.   These donations will change these children's lives immensely.   We would be forever grateful and appreciative to everyone that finds it within their hearts to make a one time gift, become a monthly partner or support one of fundraising events. No donation is too small. Every dollars helps us support families raising children with special needs.

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